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Why You Should Always Shop with a Local Jeweler

Why You Should Always Shop with a Local Jeweler

As Colorado's first family of jewelers, Williams has been blessed to call this gorgeous state home for three generations. For over 70 years, the Williams family has watched the Centennial State flourish and grow more beautiful with each passing year. From the sweeping golden plains to the crowning majesty of the lavender mountains, we cherish every inch of Mile High magic. During this time, we have served our Colorado community, building deep and abiding relationships with our customers that have spanned generations.

Cultivating significant relationships with our community is at the core of who we are as a jeweler. Shopping at Williams is more than making a "one and done" purchase. You are joining our family. When you shop with online and chain retailers, you won't get the same experience or build the same kind of connections that you would with a local jeweler. For that very reason, we've put together a small sample of the unique benefits you receive from working with a local jeweler like Williams rather than shopping online or with a department store.


You may think an online or big box retailer might have a better selection to offer. However, the truth is, they buy in bulk and have more of the same rather than a variety of one-of-a-kind options. A local jeweler like Williams provides hand-picked, unique and carefully crafted jewelry from select designers. Our exclusive selections include lustrous Mikimoto pearls and glittering Hearts on Fire diamond pieces. We also carry finely made Swiss timepieces. If you can't find something which makes your heart sing, many local jewelers offer custom design options. At Williams Jewelers of Englewood we can help you design gorgeous custom jewelry, artfully fashioned by our on-site jewelers. Using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs we create singular and unparalleled designs, turning your sweetest dreams into a reality.


When purchasing fine jewelry, avoid shopping with online jewelers without a physical address. An item may appear dazzling on a website, but in real life could be a dud. If you shop with a local jeweler you will always be able to see the amazing quality of a product first-hand. Also, you won't have to wait for someone to pick up the phone or respond to your email if you have questions. Our Specialists can assist you immediately and answer any question you may have.


At Williams Jewelers of Englewood, we are interested in more than your sale. We listen and care about what you want. Our Jewelry Specialists are here to get to know you, your unique love story and your hopes for the future. Each purchase with Williams is more than a transaction; it's a celebration of life and love which we are honored to be part of.

The unfortunate reality with most chain stores and online retailers is that you're just another shopper. You're a number on a sales sheet and a weekly quota to be met, rather than a person with individual dreams and desires.


The relationship between you and your jeweler should be about more than just making a sale. It should be about building a valuable lifelong connection. This is why shopping with a local jeweler is a rich and rewarding experience. At Williams Jewelers, we relate to where you are and care about where you're going. Your special moments resonate with us because you're part of our community. Through boom and bust, heartbreaks and triumphs, we’ve always been here for the people of Colorado. There's no other part of the country that compares to this mountainous gem. Here, love just feels a little deeper and celebrations seem a little brighter. So, when it’s time to commemorate those once-in-a-lifetime moments, don’t settle for something that doesn't represent our special slice of paradise. Instead, visit us at 5095 S Broadway in Englewood and discover why we are Where Colorado Shines™.

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