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Five Radiant Diamond Classics

Five Radiant Diamond Classics

There’s nothing quite like the diamond in all its radiant glory. It’s no wonder they’ve captivated us throughout history and continue to thrill us today with their shimmering sparkle. At Williams Jewelers, we offer an extensive collection of unique and exclusive diamond jewelry. We’ve selected five incredible diamond classics to share with you. Take a peek below and see what catches your eye.


Tennis bracelets became popular thanks to Chris Evert, an American tennis player. During the U.S. Open in 1978, her diamond bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. She asked the match be stopped until the bracelet could be found. There, the phrase “tennis bracelet” was born. Tennis bracelets are lightweight and flexible, making them perfect for active lifestyles. This Williams Diamond Tennis Bracelet serves as a dazzling example.


Williams Diamond Tennis Bracelet



Diamond studs first became popular in the late 1800's due to changing fashions and the fact diamonds had become easier to come by, thanks to diamond mining in South Africa. These sparkling beauties continue to be trendy because they can be worn with both formal and casual wear. Williams Jewelers sells elegant diamond studs starting at $295. Contact us today and discover your own gorgeous pair.


In ancient Rome, diamonds were worn as part of thick, collar-style necklaces and elaborate pendants. In the Middle Ages, diamonds were called the "miracle stone" and believed to have medicinal properties. During this time, diamond pendants were worn for their healing properties. In the modern world, we enjoy pendants in a variety of shapes, designs and styles, including this lustrous Hearts on Fire diamond pendant.


Hearts on Fire diamond pendant



In 1948, Francis Gerety, a copywriter, coined the now famous slogan "A Diamond is Forever". This slogan single-handedly popularized the diamond engagement ring, to the point that now 80% of American brides wear one. At Williams, we offer an exquisite collection of engagement rings and bridal jewelry to suit any style and budget. That includes this striking Tacori Bridal/semi mount ring.


Tacori Bridal/semi mount ring



These shimmering bands are a celebration of the continuation of a marriage or partnership. They’re given during anniversaries or special milestones, such as the birth of a child. If you have an anniversary or special milestone coming up, or just want to celebrate your union, we offer some sublime choices. For instance, there’s this absolutely resplendent Tacori Diamond Wedding and Anniversary Band.


Tacori Diamond Wedding and Anniversary Band



From October 11th through the 16th, stop by Williams Jewelers in Englewood for our Smokin’ Diamond Event. We’re happily partnering with A & A Tradin’ Post to bring you exclusive deals and stunning sales. The Smokin’ Diamond Event will include special diamond pricing and financing, including the chance to save $500 on select brands. Plus, if you spend $6,500 or more, you’ll receive a FREE Traeger Smoker for all your smoking, roasting, braising and BBQ needs. So, stop by from October 11th through the 16th and find your own smokin’ diamond at Williams Jewelers of Englewood. After all, we are Where Colorado Shines™!

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