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What’s Your Perfect Colorado Summer Wedding?

What’s Your Perfect Colorado Summer Wedding?

Colorado is bursting with color and light as summer hits its stride. This season, with all its romantic growth and splendor, is a wonderful time for a wedding. From small mountain towns to elegant historic hotels, the Centennial State has a diverse array of places that are ideal for summer nuptials. Plus, there’s a venue for every couple out there, whether you’re laid back and want a more casual setting or you’re into having an elegant luxury experience. Find out what your perfect Colorado summer wedding would be by taking the quiz below. When you’re finished, tally up your answers to reveal your results. 

1. First off, what kind of wedding do you want?

  1. Something where we get to experience the beauty of nature. 
  2. A very intimate affair in a cozy location.
  3. We want to go all-out and enjoy a huge ceremony in a classic, upscale locale. 
  4. A venue that reflects our globe-trotting world-view. 
  5. We desire a place that’s unique, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for us and our guests. 

2. How do you spend your summer weekends?

  1. Hiking through the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.
  2. Cooking meals together and snuggling on the couch while watching TV. 
  3. Going out to a nice restaurant to savor fine food and each other’s company. 
  4. If we’re in town, we check out the latest foreign films. 
  5. Taking classes in something creative, like painting, writing or improv theater. 

3. What’s your favorite tunes?

  1. We favor musicians who believe in sustainability, including U2 and Cloud Cult.  
  2. Something simple and folksy, like early Bob Dylan. 
  3. Glorious and giddy pop music all the way. 
  4. We enjoy an eclectic mix of music from artists all over the globe.  
  5. Indie artists like Bright Eyes are our jam. 

4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

  1. With a flick of our wrists, we’d fill our water bottles. 
  2. We’d love to snap our fingers and have the laundry be folded and put away. 
  3. Flying, of course. It’s the grandest of superpowers. 
  4. Understanding and speaking any language no matter where we go. 
  5. We already have a kind of superpower when we share music, stories and art. 

5. Pick a color. 

  1. Green, like all the lush plants growing during the summer. 
  2. White. Crisp, clean and simple. Goes with anything.
  3. Red, a vibrant and passionate color. 
  4. Black, embodying sleek, worldly sophistication. 
  5. Silver, a luminous, changing color with creative depths. 

6. Tell us about your perfect pet. 

  1. A cheerful golden retriever who can come with us on hiking adventures. 
  2. A fish, because they’re easy to care for. 
  3. A beautiful purebred pomeranian that we can love and spoil. 
  4. An elegant philodendron. We travel too much to have a pet.
  5. A cat. They’re curious, independent and graceful. 

7. What kind of TV shows hit the spot?

  1. Shows on Discovery channel, about nature and wildlife. 
  2. Snappy little sitcoms that are done in half an hour. 
  3. Shows with lavish costumes and out-of-this-world sets. 
  4. We love watching TV from other corners of the world.
  5. Compelling and eye-catching shows that look like a piece of art. 

8. Coffee or tea?

  1. A morning cup of joe before hitting the trail is fantastic. 
  2. Whichever is easiest at the time, really. 
  3. Coffee and it has to be pour-over. 
  4. Tea we’ve bought from different countries. 
  5. Chai tea latte from a funky little cafe down the road. 

9. You’re on a trip together and get lost. What do you do?

  1. Bring out the ol’ compass and find our way using the sun and stars. 
  2. Ask the locals for directions.
  3. Use our state-of-the art, top-tier GPS system to find our way. 
  4. Go with the flow and explore!
  5. We don’t know for sure, but it will make a great story.

10. You’re stranded on a desert island. What do you bring with you?

  1. Water and basic survival gear.  
  2. Just the two of us. We’ll do fine as long as we have each other.
  3. Can we get room service?
  4. Plenty of books to pass the time while waiting to be rescued.
  5. Paints, pen and paper so we can create artwork and stories. 


All done? Total up your As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es and discover what Colorado location is your dream wedding destination.

Mostly A's: Garden of the Gods

Majestic and astonishing, Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado’s most gorgeous natural attractions. It’s the perfect place to get hitched if you have a passion for the outdoors. You can pledge your love in sparkling style with this A. Jaffe diamond band. The diamonds glitter in lovely 14-Karat rose gold, a color which mirrors the Garden of the Gods blushing hues. 

Mostly B's: Crested Butte 

Crested Butte is a tiny town tucked away in the mountains, known for its winter skiing and resplendent summer wildflowers. This is the perfect location for those seeking a low-key, intimate affair. The wedding band to match is this unassuming With Love creation. The delicate diamonds which dot the 14-Karat yellow gold band elegantly elevate the ring. 

Mostly C's: The Brown Palace Hotel

Established in 1892, The Brown Palace Hotel took over ten years to complete and was built with an eye towards the lavish and magnificent. Featuring grand staircases, gorgeous oriental rugs and rooms that can house up to 320 guests, the rich splendor of this hotel is fantastic for a couple who wants a truly luxurious experience. If you desire an equally marvelous wedding band to go with the occasion, try the JB Star Platinum Diamond Ring. Set with emerald-cut diamonds, this splendid eternity band will shine almost as brilliantly as the bride. 

Mostly D's: The Denver Botanic Gardens

Flora from all over the world blooms in the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens. From charming Japanese bonsai trees to lustrous English-inspired gardens, many places from around the globe are represented. This locale is ideal for a bride and groom who love traveling and desire a romantic environment which reflects their worldly outlook. Stackable wedding bands, like this Michael M diamond band and this With Love diamond band, are impeccable choices for the occasion. With stackable bands, you can add rings for special anniversaries or events, like the birth of a child or an especially memorable trip. 

Mostly E's: The Denver Art Museum

Always seeing things from artistic and creative angles? Then the Denver Art Museum would make a superb venue for your wedding. With several event spaces to pick from – many of which feature exclusive artwork – you’ll be spoiled for choice. Top it off with a Tacori Coastal Crescent Band. This ring has bling along the side of the shank, making it stand out from more traditional bands. 

Find Your Perfect Wedding Band at Williams

During the summer, the Centennial State truly shimmers with romance. From the majestic mountains to the sweeping Great Plains, there are countless places which are perfect for a wedding. But there’s only one place where you can find the perfect wedding band. At Williams Jewelers of Englewood, we have a wide selection of unique wedding bands for you to choose from. Plus, our skilled and knowledgeable team members are always glad to assist you in discovering the ring that will make your heart sing. So, don’t be shy. Visit us at 5095 S. Broadway and discover Where Colorado Shines!

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