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Pearls of Brilliance

Pearls of Brilliance



Pearls encapsulate the essence of natural beauty from the moment they enter the world. They’re born in oceans, lakes and rivers under clear skies and stunning scenery. These extraordinary orbs don’t even require polishing or faceting to reveal their shimmering iridescence.

For centuries, humans all over the globe have been fascinated by the power, beauty and elegance of pearls. Hindus believed they were dewdrops fallen at night. Ancient Middle Eastern populations imagined pearls as tears from heaven. Since the beginning of time, they’ve been associated with purity, humility and prosperity. No wonder they’re one of the most desired gems on earth.

At Williams Jewelers of Englewood, we hold a deep love for these bold little beauties. Our extensive collection includes rare and stunning pearl jewelry for any occasion or person, including the incomparable Mikimoto brand. Stop by to find pearls of love, pearls of joy or pearls of brilliance for your next big celebration.


Kokichi Mikimoto founded the world’s first cultured pearl company in 1893. For over 120 years, Mikimoto jewelry has elevated elegance, sophistication and style. Their luminous Akoya cultured pearls redefine the rules with pearls in white, black and golden hues. Every piece, crafted with 18K gold or precious platinum metals, fuses Japanese artistry with diverse cultures. They’re simple in nature but complex in character. That’s why Mikimoto pearl jewelry is a must for every collection.


Pearls are organic gemstones. They’re not as hard as diamonds or sapphires, so it’s essential to know the proper care. Keep them away from cosmetics, hairspray and perfume, because they are vulnerable to humidity, acid and alkaline. When removing pearl pieces, wipe them gently with a soft cloth. Place them into a compartmentalized jewelry box so other metals don’t damage them. However, it’s always important to remember their roots. They’re formed in bodies of fresh or salt water and crave moisture. When they’re stored away for an extended period, they can dehydrate and crack. Pearls want to be worn and our natural oils benefit their luster.


From bracelets to necklaces and elegant pearl earrings, we have beautifully crafted pieces to take your style to the next level. If the radiance of your pearl jewelry needs to be restored, stop by the service counter. Our trusted specialists are known for bringing your prized pieces back to life. We also offer a variety of repairs, including pearl restringing services. One thing is for sure, if you’re looking to add pearls to your collection, be sure to shop somewhere that specializes in these natural wonders. Pearls are different from any other stone or jewel and deserve delicate attention. Lucky for you, Pearls are a favorite at Williams Jewelers. The only fine jewelry destination Where Colorado Shines™.

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