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Mikimoto & Sloane Street

Mikimoto & Sloane Street

Now that the holidays are here, we can sense the feeling of stress beginning to brew as holiday gift shopping begins to commence!
Thankfully, Williams Jewelers has everything you need to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We’re here to arm you with our favorite holiday jewelry gifts so you can begin to tackle this season and spend the rest of the holidays lounging and actually enjoying yourself!
The hot trend at the top of Santa’s list this season? Pearls by Mikimoto Jewels!
With legendary quality and style since 1893, Mikimoto Jewels is an object of desire that will be cherished today and for generations to come.
Over a century ago in Japan, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearl. His quest for perfection and his love for these pure, lustrous gems of the sea were his guiding forces.
Pearls are the perfect fit for any holiday outfit, and the best way to showcase personal style in a timeless and unique way. Pearls transcend any and all seasonal trends and reflect iconic elegance for any occasion and in any situation. Lounging with family in front of the fire? Do so in pearls. Attending your glamorous holiday work party? Adorn yourself in pearls. Channeling your inner goddess? Bring on the pearls!
Giving the gift of nature’s most precious jewel is made simple at Williams Jewelers with our gorgeous pearl collection by Mikimoto. This Golden South Sea Single Pearl Pendant is perfect for any holiday or even just a beautiful surprise for your mother or grandmother.


Searching for something timeless and dainty? This stunning Akoya cultured pearl station necklace is sure to make her the star of the show in the most classic-way possible.  




Maybe you are aiming to stand out in the crowd with something a little more unique? This breathtaking pearl and diamond necklace will catch anyone’s eyes while under the glimmering holiday lights.

Are pearls not quite what they are dreaming of this holiday season? Maybe they desire something colorful to tie in the warm winter tones? Have no holiday-fear: Williams Jewelers can help you find exactly what you are looking for with our Sloane Street jewelry collection!

This beautiful jewelry collection created by the mother-daughter duo, Frances and Charlotte is just the fit you need to cater to their style. Sloane Street provides lively colored gemstones and beautiful diamonds to create physical works of art, that can be cherished, and passed on to the generations to come.
No longer is pink just for the girly-girls; this soft-neutral color has helped us to unleash the fierce inner tigress which lies within all of us. The pink and garnet combo seen in this powerful Spectrum Fashion Ring will be sure to please that wild-child heart of hers.

The ideal gift for your sister, best friend or even loyal coworker, this Classic Diamond Bracelet is the perfect stackable bangle to pair with all of your favorite bracelets for any occasion. You will definitely gain brownie points with a gift like this!

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