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March Birthstone

March Birthstone

Aquamarine: A Breath of Cool Blue for March

March's birthstone, aquamarine, is a captivating gem that evokes the tranquility of crystal-clear waters and the boundless energy of the open sky. Its refreshing light blue hues, ranging from subtle hints of green to deep, almost teal tones, have delighted jewelry lovers for centuries.

More Than Just a Birthstone

While aquamarine is a cherished gift for those born in March, its beauty transcends birth months. This stunning gemstone makes a versatile addition to any jewelry collection. Here's why you might fall for aquamarine:

  • Symbolism: Aquamarine is associated with peace, hope, and clarity. It's believed to bring calmness and emotional balance, making it a perfect piece to wear during stressful times.
  • Versatility: Aquamarine's range of colors allows for a variety of styles. Lighter shades lend themselves to delicate everyday pieces, while deeper tones create a bolder statement.
  • Durability: Ranking 7.5-8 on Mohs hardness scale, aquamarine is a relatively hard gemstone, making it suitable for everyday wear with proper care.

A Gemstone from the Rockies: Colorado Aquamarine

Did you know that aquamarine isn't just found in distant locales? Right here in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains hold a treasure trove of this beautiful gem. Colorado aquamarine boasts a unique color profile, often showcasing a vibrant, clear blue with a tinge of green. These stones are known for their exceptional clarity, making them highly sought after by jewelry enthusiasts and collectors.

Unearthing Colorado's Aquamarine: Mt. Antero

The crown jewel of Colorado aquamarine mining is undoubtedly Mount Antero. This peak, reaching over 14,000 feet, has been a source of aquamarine since the late 1800s. Miners here target pegmatite veins, which are like rocky pockets where crystals form. These veins can contain a treasure trove of minerals, including aquamarine alongside smoky quartz, topaz, and even rarer finds.

A Meticulous Pursuit: Hand-work in High Places

Mining at high altitudes like Mt. Antero is no easy feat. The process relies heavily on manual labor to carefully extract the aquamarine crystals. This ensures minimal damage to the surrounding rock and the delicate gems themselves. Prospectors might use tools like hammers and chisels to break open the pegmatite and then meticulously comb through the debris for hidden aquamarine treasures.

Beyond the Beauty: Colorado's Aquamarine Legacy

The hunt for aquamarine isn't just about finding beautiful stones. It's also a part of Colorado's mining history and economic life. These mines contribute to the state's mineral wealth and support local communities. The unique characteristics of Colorado aquamarine, with its vibrant blue and green hues, have earned it a reputation among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Embrace the Cool of Aquamarine

Whether you're a March baby or simply drawn to the calming beauty of this gemstone, aquamarine jewelry offers a timeless and captivating accessory. Visit Williams Jewelers for unique beautiful pieces featuring aquamarine from many locales including Colorado. By choosing this gem, you're not only acquiring a lovely piece of jewelry, but also a touch of Colorado's unique geological heritage.

*Thank you to Mark Krivanek of Buena Vista, CO for the images of his mining claim and the rugged Mt. Antero.  

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