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by Gadbois Jewelry

Sloane Street

The Sloane Street Collection is named after the fabled street in London, which boarders the aristocratic neighborhoods of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea. Known for some of the world’s best shopping, Frances and Charlotte’s fondest memories, from each of their childhoods, have been formed on this street in Central London. Sloane Street was a street of many firsts in their family. It was home for Frances when she first moved from the county to the city, it was the first (of many) mother-daughter girls weekends, and most importantly was the first place Frances and Charlotte went after the passing of their beloved mother, and grandmother, and where the idea of this mother-daughter collaboration took form. 

Though never anticipating building a business together, when the opportunity arose, both Frances and Charlotte, jumped in head first, and haven’t looked back since. They knew that their partnership was formed out of the silver lining of losing a family member and vowed to honor her in every way they could.

Sloane Street is not just a street or a place to them, it is a memory that has been turned into a physical work of art, that can be cherished, and passed on to the generations to come!

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