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"As an artist I have always wanted to translate my love of sculpture into a form of wearable art."


IPPOLITA was founded in 1999 by Italian artist and designer, Ippolita Rostagno. The brand has been credited with propelling fine jewelry into the realm of fashion by embracing color, comfort and exuberance, the distinguishing hallmarks of a line that celebrates women of all ages.Ippolita has always been inspired by the richness and simplicity of Italian culture. As an artist first and a designer second, Ippolita studied sculpture for five years at the Istituto d'Arte in Florence. There she learned an appreciation for the essential balance between creativity and craftsmanship. She discovered her love for jewelry in the shops on Ponte Vecchio. The uniquely Florentine look of costume-style jewelry made with fine gems would ultimately serve as the inspiration for the IPPOLITA brand aesthetic.

"There is something magical about first impressions; their influence echoes through your work for the rest of your life."

Art matters. This is Ippolita's credo and the lens through which she creates her jewelry. Craftsmanship is essential and noticeably present in every IPPOLITA piece. The unique sculptural quality of her jewelry comes from the fact that all of the materials are fashioned as objects of craft, intention and beauty. From precious metals to unique materials to expertly cut, hand-faceted gemstones, each piece is entirely hand made, and therefore one of a kind.

"I love the idea of women buying jewelry for themselves. It's wonderful to have witnessed a confidence revolution: the modern woman waits for no one, she buys jewelry for herself."

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