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Jewelry Treats to Match Your Favorite Sweets

Jewelry Treats to Match Your Favorite Sweets

The spooky season has come, bringing with it thrills and chills. From pumpkin carving to putting together a costume, Halloween always promises fun and excitement. One of the most enticing parts of this haunting time of year is, of course, the candy. From luscious caramels to delicious candies, there's just something about sweets that lifts the spirits. Of course, the same thing applies to fine jewelry.

At Williams, we love both and what's better than the two combined? This Halloween, we invite you to take a deep dive into our favorite treats, both sweet and sparkling.



Williams Signature Diamond Engagement Ring


The empress of candy, chocolate has long been cherished as one of the most lavish of sweets. Whether you enjoy delectable dark or charming milk chocolate, it's hard to go wrong with this versatile and classic candy. Indulge your chocolate cravings through this Williams Signature Diamond Engagement Ring. Crafted of 18-Karat white gold, the ring is set with a bold and breathtaking 3.27 carat cushion-cut fancy brown-orange diamond. This dazzling diamond has a richly luxurious shine that is timeless and elegant as chocolate.



Frederic Sage Black and White Diamond Bracelet


Bursting with playfulness and sugary glee, this pliable candy reminds us of our inner child. The perfect jewelry for licorice should be something that shines with any outfit, like this Frederic Sage Black and White Diamond Bracelet. Crafted of 18-Karat white gold and black rhodium, this bracelet is set with glimmering black and white diamonds for a unique and stunning look. Like licorice, the black diamonds of this bracelet are vivid and adventurous. Wear it with jeans or your most formal attire and embrace what brings you bliss.



Williams Signature ring


Caramel has such a lovely sweetness that melts across the tongue. The taste is bright yet smooth and mellow, reminding us of slow autumn sunsets. If you want to embody the essence of caramel, you can do so with this delectable Williams Signature ring. The glowing sugarloaf citrine gives this ring its rich caramel color, while glittering diamonds and 18-Karat white gold add shimmer. This ring definitely won't melt on you, but will remain radiant this season and beyond.



Ippolita Colored Stone Earrings


Gummies are one of our favorites because they come in all colors and flavors. From gorgeous grape to enticing orange, the flavors and hues of gummies always bring special satisfaction. Now you can capture those brilliant tones with these Ippolita Colored Stone Earrings. Turquoise, blue topaz, peridot, carnelian, pink tourmaline and amethyst glimmer in 18-Karat yellow gold hoops, creating a rainbow of colorful luminance. These earrings will glitter colorfully all year long.



Amali Colored Stone Necklace


Hard candy is a treat because it dissolves slowly on the tongue, allowing you to truly savor the sweetness. Hard candy tells us to take things easy and to absorb the moment, rather than rushing through. Savor a moment with this Amali Colored Stone Necklace. The multi-colored tourmaline beads strung by 18-Karat yellow gold put us in mind of little hard candies, glowing with the promise of all their easy-going flavor. These lustrous beads can remind you to go slow and enjoy every minute of deliciousness in your life.


Spooky season is always a great time to spoil yourself, at least a bit. If that means some extra sweets or a little goody from William Jewelers, don't scare yourself away from a little self reward. So, visit us today at 5095 S Broadway in Englewood and let us guide you in discovering the perfect treats for your jewelry box.

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